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Candia Lea Cole is an eco-visionary, artist, poet, nutritional alchemist, whole foods cookbook author, nature intuitive, and the creator of Bring Back The Earth!, an Eco-Learning Legacy (curriculum) & Eco-Mentor Leadership Training program. Her mission is to bring back mother earth’s lost feminine wisdom for living well in today’s eco-challenged times.

Candia has created two beautiful certification training options for you. Her 12 week Eco-Mentor Apprentice Training invites you to be a witness to her sacred journey into the heart’s core of personal/ planetary healing and feminine eco-leadership. Her 12 month Eco-Mentor Activist Training introduces you to the six ingredients of eco-intelligent living that represent the fertile outgrowth of her journey, which offer to support you in becoming an “everyday sustainable leader” in your home and community. Start training today, to become a certified Eco-Mentor, and qualify to become a paid host facilitator of her trainings!