Your Financial Fitness

A Collection of Resources for the "Profit-Side" of your business!
Presented by Marcia Donaldson

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  • 5 Essential Tips for your Financial Fitness program.
  • 4 Money Mindset strategies.
  • The 5 Challenges to Financial Fitness.
  • Healthy Cash Flow strategies.

Is this you?

You love what you do … or at least, you used to…now, your business isn’t succeeding like you want it to and you’re having trouble bringing in money to your business, you haven’t been making a profit, and you are in a cashflow crunch. You hesitate to hire the help you need and don’t pay yourself a decent salary either. You fear numbers and feel that it’s a language you can’t understand. You believe that it’s not something you can do, that you’re terrible at finances because it’s not your thing. You’re working so hard and for so many hours that you don’t have time or energy…