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Soul Age Quiz
Questions Answers
As a child, you... felt different than most kids
fit in well with others
were considered a leader
were happy most of the time

How do you feel about society and social norms? I buck almost every social norm
I adhere to the norms as best I can
Society needs guidelines to survive
What norms?

People probably consider you to be: Driven and determined
Somewhat eccentric
A good person
A free spirit
Downright freaky

Which best describes your philosophy of life: Nothing is certain except who you are
We are here to experience love
Everything is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs
We are here to serve
You're born, you grow up, then you die

Which would most likely be your motto: Just do it
The more I learn, the more I realize how much
Everything and everyone is inter-related
Seek the path of least resistance
Love is all you need

What is your purpose in life: To love and be loved
To experience as much as possible while I'm here
To make a difference in some way
To know myself better

Regarding religion, you believe in a higher power
have a spiritual practice that works for you
have studied many different religions
believe in everything and nothing
believe that religion is control

How would you characterize your friends? I have many friends of all types and backgrounds
I have one or two close friends
I have a tribe
Friends come and go with the flow of life

How would you describe yourself: I am psychic and experience supernatural events often
I am mostly intuitive, maybe a little bit psychic
I'm not sure what to believe about the paranormal
Life is a paranormal experience for me

Which is most important: Integrity
Acceptance / Forgiveness

When the going gets tough, the tough get going
go shopping!
give to others
the going is always tough

Do you avoid doing things you don't want to do? Almost always
I've learned to do things I don't want to do
Never. We must do things we don't want to do
There is no reason to force yourself to do anything

Regarding emotions... If I can control my thoughts, I can control my emotions
Emotions are life's roller coaster ride
Emotions can be useful for motivating action
I often wallow in my emotions and feel them deeply

Which describes you best: Empathetic, I often pick up people's feelings
I'm a good judge of character
Cautious, but open to all types of people
I often love too much

How would you describe your talents: I am good at a number of things, master of few
I am driven and focused
I have a hard time choosing what to apply myself to
I have built up a few great skills, but have much more

What describes your perfect relationship: Someone to complete me
Someone to accompany me on this life journey
Someone who challenges me to grow
Someone with whom I can relax and be myself
All relationships are perfect

If you had to live on a deserted island, which would you take with you? A solar powered iPod
A collection of spiritual texts
An outdoor survival guide
A fishing pole
A writing journal

Which is the most important? Courage


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