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Maximizing Your In-House
Cleaning Operation

In-House Cleaning Operations

Selected Strategies to Ensure Clean, Safe, Healthy In-House Operations

by Mike Sawchuk

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  • One important thing you’re not collecting…
  • What’s more important than products, procedures & protocols?
  • How to deal with information overload.
  • What to do with bad employees.
  • One preparation you must make…or else!

“Too many cleaning operations are led by good managers and supervisors. But that is not good enough. The information and insights gained regarding people and leadership is very valuable, it is what most cleaning operations lack. You could have a good manager and supervisors with a solid background in cleaning, but that doen’t make them good leaders, developing people, constantly driving best, creating an engaging culture.

“You also know that you can have the greatest products and protocols, but without great people, supervisors, managers, leaders, you will not have the most effective and effecient operations possible.”