Clear Your Beliefs

How to Delete Your Limiting Beliefs, Transform Your Life, and Unleash Your Magnificence

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This multimedia book describes the art and science of deleting subconscious beliefs and inner saboteurs. It explains how your mind is composed of beliefs and your experience is shaped by them. Learn why you do what you do, why it’s so difficult to change habitual patterns of thought, reactions, and behavior, and how to gain control over your subconscious influences. It’s a beautifully produced primer on the field of belief psychology.

Included is a powerful exercise you can use to begin exploring your own subconscious beliefs, called Belief Self-Diagnosis. Use it to explore your hidden assumptions about yourself, others, work, love, and the world.

Lion’s eBook has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people around the world. Many have praised it as “the best book I’ve read, with the clearest explanation of how beliefs influence my life.”

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