Elevate Your Career in 5 Easy Steps

5 Challenges to Elevate Your Career!

by Mira Parmar
MKP Coaching

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What you’ll discover…

  • How to identify what’s getting in the way (page 8)
  • What’s in a strategy?  (page 13)
  • Questions to ask about your salary   (page 15)
  • The important connections you’re probably not making  (page 17)
  • How to build your case for elevation (page 20)

“It’s time to start making the moves to secure your future. Sometimes our biggest saboteur is us. But you’ve now unpacked why you’ve felt stuck – that’s the first crucial step in career acceleration. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Commit to moving up those ranks closer towards your goal job. It’s time to quit stalling, shift into gear and start accelerating your career.”