Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science…

Time to Glow Again!

5 Unusually Effective Gems of Self Care Wisdom
from an Osteopathic Physician

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  • Powerful, magical ways to restore power, resilience, flow, and that youthful GLOW.
  • How to harness the smallest real or imagined body sensations to stimulate health and vitality.
  • How to activate crucial biochemical pathways for speeding up the healing process.
  • A way to sit that will open up the flow of vital energy throughout your body.
  • Ways to “wake up” your Vagus nerve to stimulate intuition and heart-connection.

“By making these few simple and pleasurable shifts, you can watch your body and energy change before your eyes . . . all while going about your busy day. When combined with GROUP HEALING through ENERGY MEDICINE, native behaviors can literally REWIRE both your physical body, and your life-force circulation. “