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Nadi Astrology

The most ancient astrological reading you’ve never heard of

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  • How Nadi Astrology compares with other forms of astrology.
  • How the readings were created millennia ago…and why there might be a reading for YOU!
  • What a Nadi palm leaf looks like and what’s written on it.
  • How the readers know if they’ve matched your reading with you.
  • How a reading can help you in this life…and what happens after the reading. 

“3,000 years ago, enlightened sages gained the power of clairvoyance. These Maharishis used their powers to look into the future and predict the lives of millions of people. Their insights were put down on dried Palm Leaves. Your Palm Leaf was written specifically for you to answer your most important questions about your life: Karma, Obstacles, Children, Destiny, Partnership, Career and Health. Our institute was founded so that people can search for their Leaf without having to travel to India.”