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Dr. Vijaya Nair
Author, MD, FAMS, MS

Dr. Vijaya Nair is an Ivy league trained physician, medical researcher, entrepreneur, author, international teacher and trainer of new discoveries in the nature of the human mind and its unlimited awesome potential though her Gobeyondstress.com programs.

  What you will learn in this training session...

  • How to stop making “Toxic Goals” for yourself and your business by understanding what they are and why most people’s goals fail before they even get started.
  • The root cause of ALL your stress and the “Stress Solution” … the simple yet powerful mindset shift that cures it and will lead you into the effortless success zone.
  • The 5 Ego Traps that sabotages you from building unstoppable momentum towards your business goals.
  • The Procrastination Cure and why it works towards you taking consistent action towards your business goals
  • The single most important factor in your day to day highest performance in life and in your business.
...and many other profound insights and practices.

you'll also get Vijaya's free Mini-eBook: The 5 Ego Traps