Keeping the Wheels On the Bus…

New Emotional Rules
for Women at the Crossroads

Power – Freedom – Balance – Impact

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Sandra Wood
Author, Certified Empowerment Coach

Sandra Wood is a relationship expert, transformation coach, author, entrepreneur and empowerment teacher. She helps women going through intense change and chaos who are overwhelmed and at a breaking point. Sandra helps women navigate their challenges to gain calm, clarity and confidence to move forward with purposeful and empowered action.

  What you will learn in this training session...

  • Regain your capacity to drive your life in the direction you want.
  • Stop trying to solve your current problems with solutions you learned when you were young.
  • New tools (new rules) for emotional mastery.
  • Your armor may be causing you more suffering.
  • Renew relationships that cause pain, suffering and confusion.
  • How you got to where you are now… and how to put your life into action.
...and many other profound insights and practices.

you'll also get Sandra's free Mini-eBook: Rebuilding Confidence in Times of Chaos and Change