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His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The Prince of Wales
We Know Exactly What Needs to be Done

Elon Musk
What We Need…

Duchess of Northumberland
Making Gardens

Deepak Chopra
Earth Gratitude

Jane Goodall
Roots and Shoots

Arianna Huffington
Well Being. Wonder. And Wisdom

Barbara Marx Hubbard
The Tip of the Tipping Point

Jill Bolte Taylor
The Brain

Wangari Maathai
Green Belt Movement

Lynne Twist
Why It Begins With Us

Synchronized Meditations

Kathleen Robers
President of the Earth Day Network

Earth Dance
Give Peace a Dance

Hands Off Our Elephants

Global Green
Bike Share

Agapi Stassinopoulis
Reverence, Gratitude and OMG

Carolo Leifert
Why I Eat Organic Food

Cafe Gratitude
Sacred Commerce

Kiss The Ground
It Starts with a Seed

Tree Sisters
Planting Trees

Steven Chu
Clean Energy Can Be the Low-Cost Option

Ray Mabus
The 75th U.S. Secretary of the Navy

Adam Hall
Earth Keepers

R Wayne Martin
The Small Plates Podcast

Global Ho’oponopono

Master Sha
We Become What We Chant

Darius Barazandeh
Guided Light Meditation

Alvin Tam
Filmmaker, Eco-Retreat Host

Sarah Maxwell
Magic & Mojo

William Gladstone
Author, Film Maker
Tapping The Source

Natalie Pace
Author, Speaker
The Gratitude Game

Christopher Van Buren
The Code of the Noble Spirit

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18 replies
  1. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    I, Joanne, am grateful this fine morning for the sun shining thru the window chrystal, splashing small rainbows all over the room…and the light creating ribbons of sunshine shimmering thru the transparent curtiains. That’s before even sitting up in bed! What a way to awake…being aware of it all going on every day without any effort on my part, except to just open my eyes to see. So much is going on always!
    Thank you for the opportunity to share. Joanne

  2. Jacob Devaney
    Jacob Devaney says:

    Thank you all for this beautiful collaboration! I am a co-founder at Unify and co-producer with Cooperatist Movement of the Global Ho’oponopono. What an honor to participate with all of you. Feel free to see our follow-up newsletter available at our website http://www.malamapono.life

    I love collaborations and online campaigns that bring diverse voices together and I hope to work with each of you again in the future.

  3. Rene
    Rene says:

    Helping Mother Earth on the physical plane is wonderful, and we thank everyone who make a difference in protecting our only planet. Don’t just do it on Earth Day or when someone is watching, reading, or talking about it.
    Besides what we are aware on the physical world, have you ever tried communicating with the soul of Mother Earth and listen to what she has to say? Did you know that on a spiritual plane, we could do more to heal and protect her through meditation and chanting that reverberates not only throughout Mother Earth but in all stars, planets, galaxies, and universes? Connect to those who have open spiritual channels and ask them of Mother Earth’s spirit’s yearning and you’d be surprised.
    To Mother Earth, our endless gratitude for your totally unconditional service to humanity for providing us the bounty so we could enjoy our physical existence.

  4. Stephen Powers
    Stephen Powers says:

    I am grateful for my garden and the wholesome food that grows there. I am grateful for my orchard and the fresh fruit that tickles my tongue and puts a smile on my kids’ faces with every juicy bite. I am grateful for our home in Topanga and the wild animals that roam there. I am grateful for the ocean just a few miles away and the marine layer that spills over Big Rock in the mornings like a misty waterfall. I am grateful the red clay dirt that sticks to my shoes, and the nettles that stick in my socks—even though I don’t like it. I am grateful for the Earth in all its glory and the Universe in all it’s mystery. Thank you Mother Gaia.

  5. John Ishvaradas Abdallah
    John Ishvaradas Abdallah says:

    Bravo! Thank you for this site … May God bless us all with love, because only love can deliver justice, peace and freedom …
    With love and best wishes to all, always …

  6. Sande Hart
    Sande Hart says:

    Deep bows and cascading gratitude for this collaboration of spirit and intention to protect and preserve the sacred. We are better when we are together. In the spirit of cooperation, generosity and hospitality, Thank You!

  7. Riesah Prock
    Riesah Prock says:

    How can one express in words the gratitude I feel to All That Is, for our dear Pachamama, the Sun, Moon and Stars, and life itself. I feel so blessed to serve in my work to the highest good and potential of all beings everywhere. I have had so many fine teachers, I love my family, I have so many good friends and other shaman round the world doing their good work. The people organizing this exceptional Earth Day event contribute so much to lifting up the heaviness of all the worry, fear and negativity that also swims in the same waters we navigate each day. I am grateful to you for your deep commitment to making our world a more awakened, aligned and divine experience each and every day. Blessings for love and peace.

  8. Rosemary Graham-Gardner
    Rosemary Graham-Gardner says:

    I am grateful for my life and all the good and bad experiences. For all the gifts that come every day to me and the things I take for granted, like the gift of health, sight, hearing, mobility.
    I am also grateful for having been born with an inmate sense of justice from very young, my love of nature and animals which I consider my relatives, I have refuted all man made religions and my only religion is to be kind and accepting of all. I hate the word ” Tolerance” which I find condescending, empirical and fascist.

  9. Natalie Pace
    Natalie Pace says:

    Thanks Tracy for your kind words. As Larry Page says, “The economic concept of additionality means that you’re doing something that wouldn’t happen unless you’re doing it. The more you can do things like that, the bigger impact you have.” We can embrace “additionality” by spreading the good word on the Earth Day Gratitude Project. Thank you for being an important voice in this project.

  10. Tracy Zheng
    Tracy Zheng says:

    Hi there

    I am grateful to Natalie Pace for educating the world about stock investments because of her I am traveling around the world now and soon able to heal people through music-dance of sound. Natalie is changing lives and our world for the better.

    Thank you Natalie!


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