JV & Affiliate Management for...

Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Authors, Coaches & Trainers
You've got a product or service to launch. But need some expert JV & Affiliate Management to get your partnerships setup and into action.

But hiring a JV Manager
is expensive...isn't it?

Not with our Shared
JV Manager Program...

You split the cost of the JV Manager with others in your small group (3 to 5 members per group). So you pay a fraction of the normal cost of hiring a JV Manager.

Includes a CO-OP Membership, so you don’t need a big email list to get started. In fact, you don’t use your list at all (we use our list on your behalf).

Your JV Manager gets all the JV deals for you — you get MORE JV deals with BIGGER partners (bigger lists) because of your CO-OP benefits! Plus, we guarantee success (see below)!